How To Distinguish Disposable Plastic?

Publication time:2018-03-01 09:04:23

It is necessary to understand these plastic products.In fact, plastic products have seven plastic types of logo code.What we usually see is to add a sign of numbers to the middle of the triangle that represents the cycle, attaching the triangle’s recycling mark to the plastic article, and using the numbers 1 to 7 and English abbreviations to represent the plastic species.

No. 1 plastics capable of withstanding high temperature of 70 ℃, more suitable for mineral water bottles; No. 2 plastics is mainly used for plastic food bags. In the seven types, only No. 5 plastics is the only one can be heated in the microwave which can withstand high temperatures of 130 ℃. Therefore, When you choose plastic products, as long as you see the “5” logo, it means that such plastic products can be heated in the microwave.